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Privacy Policy

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia makes every effort to protect visitors’ privacy. We do not collect names or email addresses of visitors, except when you opt in to our mailing list. Those who opt in to our mailing list can be assured that The College of Physicians of Philadelphia does not share the list with other organizations.

The College of Physicians of Philadelphia uses Google Analytics to monitor site usage. Google Analytics collects information about our site visitors that we then examine to help us understand the needs of our visitors and to improve the site. Google Analytics places a cookie on your web browser to identify you when you visit our website again. You can disable cookies on your browser if you choose.

We do not combine the information collected through the use of Google Analytics with personally identifiable information about you. Google's explains your rights as a visitor of a site employing a Google tool. For a more complete description of restrictions on how we are allowed to use data obtained about site visitors from Google Analytics, see Google Analytics , which details our obligations.